About Us

Save cash without sacrificing style. The ultimate aggregation of guys deals on the web, GentDeals features a collection of hand-picked deals.

The web is full of amazing deals on almost anything you can think of.  That was the driving force behind the creation GentDeals.com.  A single person can only find so many great deals on products they want.  We want them all! Enter GentDeals.com.  A site geared towards guys that lists a collection of deals everyday.  Looking for the best price on a new sports jacket you need for the weekend? We got it.  Looking to find the best price on some new wingtips? Got that too. These are just a few examples of products you’ll find at GentDeals.

How Does GentDeals Work?

Glad you asked.  GentDeals collects and hand-picks deals that are featured on the site.  You will find the most recent deals listed on the homepage.  By selecting a category at the top of the site, you can easily navigate through a specific category to narrow your search.  Looking for the most popular deals?  Check out the right sidebar where you’ll find a list of the most popular deals for the day.  Find a deal you’re interested in?  Simply click on the link in the description of the product to be taken directly to the retailers site.  You can also click on the retailer’s name listed below the product description.

Find a deal and want to share?

Sharing a deal is easy.  Just click on the banner in the right sidebar or on the ‘Share a Deal‘ tab at the top of the any page.  Be sure to fill in each text box with as much detail as possible as it will help everyone get the most out of the site.

Does GentDeals sell products?

No.  GentDeals only aggregates the best deals on the web.  We do not actually sell any of the products listed on the site.  If you have questions about a particular item on the site, you can either ask the question in the comments section of that product for other users to answer or contact the retailer selling the product.  While we make our best effort to ensure prices are up to date, please understand that retailers can change prices at any time and may not honor the price listed on GentDeals.

How does GentDeals cover operating costs?

As many deal sites do, GentDeals receives a small percentage of earnings from retailers when users click-through a link and make a purchase.  These earnings cover costs and allow GentDeals to continue to supply the best deals on the web.

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